Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hyundai are not what they used to be. And this one, the Veloster, most certainly is not -- simultaneously mostly as a result of the point that it’s never endured in the first position. But the funds Japanese product is definitely increasing, in both technological innovation and style conditions, having broken out a few vehicles of overdue that have remaining popular Western manufacturers more than just a little hot under the receiver.

The Veloster is the most specifically substitute Japanese curveball yet as either a vehicle with an additional hole or a hatch out with one depend brief of a complete set. Yep, it has three doors… and that is not such as the back area. However, as opposed to the only other three-door goofy, the Small Clubman, the Veloster benefits the throw every time by having the additional entrance on the appropriate part of the trip in every nation such as England.

Is it an over-engineered cut at being exclusive or a professional remedy to a concern that was hardly ever raised? We invest per weeks time behind the rim of the inventive vehicle to suss out just that and to see if its speed suits its fantastic experience.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Porsche Panamera GTS makes all the sounds right, feels almost as soon as the Panamera Turbo equipped accordingly. If your budget does not stretch with the Turbo S, and this is the Panamera have. But beware - there are no major changes coming in the spring of 2013.GTS Porsche Panamera: BackgroundSuch as the Cayenne MKI, the Panamera shows that anything goes as long as it takes the Porsche badge of prestige for him. In fact, the five-door GT Weissach is very large, very heavy, very committed and very ugly - but it's still a great success in the market.While the basic model and 300bhp diesel with 250 hp is not exactly take your breath in the circle of performance, and a model for the 400bhp S, Turbo and 500bhp turbo and 550bhp S impressive, in particular, are powerful tools seriously. New openings in the four-wheel drive GTS 430bhp between 4S and Turbo. It is even more eloquent than top-of-the line of, and claims covering letter hid the car very well, and is combined with the new engine with PDK gearbox is more pronounced, at least for myself, every bit as aggressive as aspirated V8 engines artificially.GTS Panamera in the metalBlack is the color contrast option for GTS. And painted the rest of the bi-xenon eyes in lowering the tone of the tap, window black, air intakes, rear diffuser, and covers the threshold and dual exhaust pipes in the signature work of the devil, and leather and - and also maintains Alcantara to match tons of coal mines.430bhp Panamera is equipped with several communication and turbo air that contains more depth and rear spoiler air dam fitted with engines gradually increasing downforce more than 130 miles per hour. Open the door, and climb behind the wheel with sporty contrast index, respectively, and sit in the seats of power Excellent 18 - position.Include standard equipment Symposer sound and display at one time in the 911 Cabrio, exhaust pipe to breathe sports free to change their votes roar of thunder at the push of a button, a rigid minimum and 10 mm PASM air suspension, and Chrono package sport to spice up the chassis and powertrain. Almost indispensable is the only option for navigation via satellite.And a little review? What is the Global Telecommunication System Panamera to drive?Modify the high-revving engine seems to be more aggressive, meaner and stronger than the other eight Enders. 430bhp at 6700rpm and 383 feet, gives the pounds in the 3500 rpm, and the red rose in the period than 6,700 to 7100rpm, sports equipment and the amount of air the additional funds create the effect of random access memory medium term. As a result, the V8 4.8-liter produces more power and more responsive to the throttle quickly.Despite the weight of 1920 kg homogeneous, and wearing a T-shirt Panamera in accelerating the 4.5sec 0-62 mph and 180 mph top and 25.8mpg average. Thus, only 0.3 seconds behind the turbo, which cost more than 32,000 £. In terms of speed, which is still relatively unimportant since 9 miles per hour. On paper, there is a feature of the fuel consumption by 4%, but in real life it is known that all gasoline-powered Panamera to have a length of eight to GTS is no exception.I would like to order the Sport Chrono?Sport Chrono package is a little double-edged sword. In the environment In addition, throttle response is telepathic really, the engine and transmission have to understand blind, injury-time and non-intensive, and switch the air suspension of the company hard, while carrying a minimum value, is raising the rudder to its ready, and stability control allowed to touch additional leeriness. This is good news.The bad news concerning the management of the transmission downshifts, causing a very high speed, they have the equipment in certain very high revolutions, and changes in the speed to high. It will be able to connect to a convenient way in which a seven-speed dual clutch cogworks can relax as does air suspension at the lowest setting. On the credit side, plus sport gear changes and accelerates strongly commended. Upshifts full throttle, in particular, produce a real blow in the butt. Extra money to buy control of the hassis bio (PDCC), which virtually eliminates body roll during roll bars, adjustable, brake carbon ceramic wonderful at all (PCCB), and the distribution of torque is active in combination with the slip of a limited electronic difference (PTV plus). These basic options? Yes - but only if the GTS is the day appointed by the Special Court.RuleGlobal Telecommunication System is definitely the best buy a bouquet of the Panamera. Performs almost as well as the turbo, is only marginally more expensive than the 4S specced at the same level, and other sports, such as the nature of Q is very expensive. TurboEase of rotation, and praise V8 430bhp engine great response - post melodic, powerful, and relatively effective in areas where speed limits are strictly enforced. Unfortunately, the Servotronic variable speed installed on the steering wheel test was shod with 20-inch wheels and tires optional hair light, suspicious, yes, indifferent to 50 miles per hour while the States to a large extent - especially on the situation directly - at high speeds. Were equipped identically Panamera Turbo, which was parked in a garage for Kacher the past 12 months completely free of such symptoms, so maybe SMT game involving one or two dynamic characteristics.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fiat Dodge

Gotta love the global automotive industry. Fiat will enter the Chinese version of the Dodge Dart of American rock, car, based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta at the Beijing Auto Motor Show on April 23. Named as "Viaggio", the production of the new sedan will be launched in July will begin selling in China later this year.

While Fiat is saying that if the model is exported from China, Viaggio will be equipped with Fiat 1,4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Available in two versions, which makes 120 hp, while the other 150, with five-speed manual gearbox or automatic transmission, dual-clutch. Fiat has released a teaser image, we see that the car looks mostly like a dart to the front and back the other, to give him a little less sporty. As a way to Fiat, some tasteful use of chrome makes Viaggio probably a product of higher quality than the Dodge budget oriented.

Italo-American idiot-China was prepared in collaboration with Fiat Group Automobile Chinese automaker Guangzhou.GAC also has a joint venture with Mitsubishi, Honda, Isuzu and Toyota (and previously with the Peugeot), which gives us reason to doubt, GAC has a factory factory workers or lawyers.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Infiniti has always seemed to struggle with the identity of the M, but with the introduction of a completely new M in 2011, the future of model finally seems secure. To underscore this point, the hybrid M35h appears this year with 360 hp and an estimated combined 29 mpg combined rating fuel economy. The M37 V-6-and V-8 power motivation-M56, meanwhile, get the addition of a new 18-in. wheel package and the fusion of M56 Sport and Sport Touring packages into one package Sport. Both models are backed by a 7-speed automatic transmission in rear-or all-wheel drive. As you would expect from a sedan, the M is a showcase for "user-centric" technologies, including the Infiniti Drive Mode Selector, blind spot warning and blind spot intervention.

Friday, March 30, 2012


As the Porsche 997 is originating into the September of its life cycle—we anticipate its heir, the 991, to introduction this Sept at the Frankfurt automatic show—the marketing group in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen still is originating up with tips on how to keep the present style eye-catching.